Sunday, February 3, 2008

True's Brie, Basil and Mushroom Omlette

2 eggs per omlette
2 - 3 mushrooms per omlette
2 - 3 basil leaves
2-3 slices of brie
Salt and pepper to taste

Take two free range eggs and whisk together in a bowl.

Lightly fry a few sliced mushrooms in a generous amount of butter.

Cut four or five slices of good brie. Coarsely chop a few basil leaves.

Heat a small buttered non stick fry pan to about 7 or medium high heat.
Pour the egg mixture into heated pan. Let cook until bottom has thickened.

Lay cheese, mushrooms and shredded basil neatly on one half. Let cook,
possibly with lid on until sides of omlette have firmed up.

Gently fold the half of egg mixture with no filling to cover the side with
the mushrooms, brie and basil, so the omlette looks like a half moon.

Let cook to seal, gently turning over if necessary.

Serve on plate garnished with extra mushrooms and basil leaf. Salt and
pepper to taste.

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tam_tammy said...

Hi Joyce, was lookinf for a brie omlette recipe and found your site! Will definitely give this recipe a try!